Sunday, November 18, 2007


Here's my favorite picture of my son Jawara and me. It was taken in the early Eighties when he was three or four and I was about 160 or 170 lbs. Children are my favorite people. They're honest, uncomplicated, and--ideally--have no pretensions. I was recovering from the onset of sarcoidosis. so I was quite the svelte fellow. This pic was snapped at a park in Palo Alto, Ca. A shout out to Terri Jacobs, who made it possible, and to her remaining family wherever they may be.

Jawara (he was referred to as "Fred" or "Beelzebub" before his planetary debut) was living in Los Angeles the last I heard from him. He was born in 1980 which would make him twenty-seven at this writing.

Ask me for a comment about him and I'll refer you to that nugget of genius from Bye, Bye, Birdie!: KIDS!


MEC said...

It looks like a very happy moment.

MacDaffy said...

It was. I'd found out that I had a chronic condition that I could live with rather than a life-threatening disease, I was surrounded by friends, and I'm crazy about babies.

I couldn't maintain that weight now (even though the Body Mass Index Nazis says it's my "perfect weight." If I get back down to 180, that'll mean I'm either sick or exercising psychotically.