Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Pirate Looks At 55...

My new band, BluRock, debuted at a party for our bass player's birthday last night. We went on after two hula hulaus and a fire dancer. We got underway after a few sound and power problems. The audience was very kind to us. Lots of dancing. We did the late Vince Guaraldi's Linus and Lucy and I was so proud--it's the first time I've ever done that song with a band. And we did well. We also did one of my originals, a few tunes by Billy Preston and some blues. For those of you who knew me when? It's the best band I've ever been in. Randy "Malfalfa" Shelor, Keith "Sparks" Brown, Tim "The Coolman" Taylor, and me--Ron "Dr. Fake" Drake. Wow!

I reached the tender age of fifty-five on Friday. Trisha and I ended up working so hard that day that we had to postpone the celebration to tonight. There's a restaurant in downtown Kailua-Kona called Lava Java. Your mind immediately conjures up coffee. Well, I say "nay-nay!" We had a gourmet-quality dinner by the sea and returned home. Feyabe sent me a wonderful book that I plan to devour--This Is Your Brain On Music. It explores the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual effects of music on the human psyche. Thanks, Pook!

We had a 3.9 magnitude earthquake on Thursday. That's always exciting. It was the capper for Wednesday's excitement.

We'd taken two of our dogs--Sophie and Jacques--to the groomer's to get them cleaned up that day. Sophie's a wire-haired dachshund (which we found out only recently) and needs only occasional clippings. Jacques is a miniature poodle who needs monthly care. So, after their spa day ended around noon, we had two dogs in the office. I thought "let's take them home." But Trisha reminded me that I had plenty of work to do... which I did until about 1:30 when lightning went off right over our metal building where I'm repairing computers.

The decision to get out of Dodge became unanimous. We left immediately and drove through a rainstorm that defies description. It got worse the longer we drove. But we were lucky--homes were flooded. Mudslides blocked roads. Thunder and lightning were constant for seven hours. Some people were stuck in place until the next day. The road was closed all night soon after we passed. A lightning strike knocked out our power for a few minutes but it came on again soon. Trisha, the dogs, and I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on DVD until the storm blew over. Our best wishes to our neighbors who weren't as fortunate as we've been.

Anyway, the volume of computers we've had to fix and the extra-curricular activities dictated by fate have left cobwebs on the beloved blog. I'm atoning by enclosing a picture I took on my MacBook before starting this entry. If the Good Lord's williing and the creek don't rise, I'll be in California from the eleventh to the fourteenth.

If you like comedy, pick up Werewolves And Lollipops by Patton Oswalt and Making Light of Myself by Jon Pinette.


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