Tuesday, November 13, 2007

California, Here I Come!

I'm going to arrive in San Jose, California at nine o'clock Tuesday evening, December 11th. If things go well, I arrive at the Brittania Arms pub in time to find out whether my old trivia teams still rules or not.

The next day will be taken up with some pretty emotional stuff. The house I grew up in was torn down and rebuilt. I have no idea what's there now. Our family moved there fifty years ago and it'll be interesting to see what grew from that two bedroom-one bath bungalow we moved into all those years ago.

December 13th will mark the twentieth anniversary of me working for Apple Inc. I began on that day as a contractor. Got hired as in employee in June of 1989. I was laid off in 1997, returned later that year, and left as an employee in December of 2001 to move to Hawaii. If I don't do anything but play the Boesendoerfer piano in the cafeteria's piano bar, I'm hoping to make the visit.

I'll leave for home the next morning. Yes, I said home. Hawaii has become my home. As I type this, I haven't even gone and I miss it already. Can't determine the moment I became a Hawaiian. Maybe it happened during a Forty-Niner game. Maybe it happened during a sunrise. Maybe it's because of some of the wonderful people I've met fixing computers here.

Whatever the cause, I've gone from "later, dude!" to "Aloha!"

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