Monday, November 23, 2009

A Cause For Concern...

Barack Obama hasn't been president for a year yet. The mess he inherited from the Bush Administration is rivaled only by the one existing during the transition between the presidencies of James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln.

BTW, every time I mention George W. Bush, I am going to emphasize his richly-earned title: The Worst President In The History Of The United States.

A number of issues that the Bush Administration has left for President Obama require a definitive departure from the status quo. This Time Magazine article is a troubling peek inside the Obama White House. It chronicles the firing of White House Counsel Greg Craig and why it happened. It doesn't give me a good feeling about the Obama White House. It doesn't give me a good feeling about the president's command of the situation.

So many issues facing our nation now require unambiguous leadership from the president. And President Obama has virtually disappeared from the field.

He should begin with his decision on Afghanistan and begin throwing his considerable weight behind some progressive initiatives like ending the two wars in the Middle East while capturing or killing the Al Qaeda operatives who authored 9/11; rendering quick, effective, and direct aid to the millions of Americans suffering under this undeclared depression; making definitive progress toward addressing energy policy and its relationship to climate change; and re-building the bond between the American government and its people. There are other issues--he need only read his campaign speeches--that demand his follow-through.

We've seen the conservative's work. It's a wonder they still get the lion's share of the appearances on the Sunday morning talk shows. It's a wonder they've remained out of jail. But they're still setting the agenda.

President Obama should give the Teabaggers something to scream about and do what the people who elected him sent him there to do: Effect change we can believe in.

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