Friday, January 22, 2010

Heroes And Zeros...

Chris Matthews Reminds Us That He's A Political Weather (Vain)... Tweety lays into Representative Alan Grayson for "pandering to the netroots"--something about which Matthews obviously knows bupkes. Remember Matthews's reaction to George W. Bush's "Mission Accomplished" aircraft carrier landing? Remember the "thrill up the leg" that Matthews got on hearing Obama speak? Chris Matthews is a political windsurfer. He's a functioning idiot.

Elizabeth Warren is one of the bona fide heroes of the age. She deserves our thanks and our undivided attention. From the Huffington Post article

If the financial reform bill doesn't establish an effective and independent consumer protection agency, Congress would be better off passing nothing at all, Elizabeth Warren warned on Friday.

Warren, one of the country's foremost consumer-right's advocates and the congressionally-appointed watchdog for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, said her chief concern is that financial regulatory reform legislation will suffer the same fate as health care reform -- starting out with noble principles but scaled down and negotiated away ultimately to ineffectualness. The Consumer Financial Protection Agency, she said, is not optional.

Here is a good article on the implications of the Supreme Court's ruling on campaign finance. This video from "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" features Representative James Cliburn, who sounds aggressive and hopeful notes on what can be done to address the bookend legal travesty to Bush v. Gore. Take heed and take heart. Some corporate leaders are already beseeching Congress to redress the high (as in "they must have been...") court's ruling. Yes, folks: It's that bad.

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