Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Ten List

I've been pretty busy lately but I had occasion to hear about a story in the New York Times concerning Barack Obama's candidacy that set my teeth on edge. Its title? How black is too black — and where do white voters draw the line?" I won't link to it and I couldn't get through the first two paragraphs of it.

When I encounter something that stupid, I have a couple of coping strategies. One of them is humor. I made up a Top Ten List based on the article's premise. Some friends of mine were kind enough to blog it here.

What's kept me away from the blog is the finishing touches on my screenplay. I'll post the first ten pages here when I'm done along with some background on it.



Anonymous said...

What's the screenplay-ese for "break a leg"? Whatever it is, consider it said, MacD. (((dap)))

MacDaffy said...


(((Dap back at ya!!!)))