Friday, December 28, 2007

Sweet Baby, I Need You!

As you can tell, things have been busy for me--no time for Le Blog. A recent electrical storm created a welter of problems for all computer users here on the island, but it created a huge pile of work for me. Combine that with my four-day sojourn to the mainland and you get a backlog of work that stares me in the face even as I write this.

One diversion I have is the band I'm. Its tentative name is BluRock. It's named after a notoriously hard volcanic rock that differs from the more common, black basaltic forms in that it is blue-grey in color and devilishly rough to move, remove or otherwise change. What kind of music do we play? I hope the answer is "good." We all agree that we don't want to be restricted to a genre. We play funk, blues, Beatles, rock, jazz or anything that strikes our fancy. That's what I love about us.

(The video that accompanied this post was one of the reasons for BluRock breaking up and for me retiring from performance as member of a band. Thanks to all of you who were so encouraging. No one's sorrier that it didn't work out than I am).


OBC said...

Ron, sweetie, that is awesome.

Happy New Year!

MacDaffy said...

Thank you, dear OBC. I bought a new keyboard this week in my effort to suck less as a soloist. When we record this sucker officially, the first cut's dedicated to you.


queasy said...

Loves me some swingin' blues!

Anonymous said...

That was great!


Helen Wheels said...

Macdaffy—most excellent—keep rockin' our world! Happy New Year to you. See ya in the Wobblies.