Monday, October 15, 2007

A Vision...

If you haven't checked out Crooks & Liars, John Amato's compendium of quotes and clips of must-see video, do yourself a favor and give it a shot. Some smart people read that blog and I found a gem of a comment regarding the case of Graeme Frost--the 12 year-old boy who is being slimed mercilessly by those-who-shall remain-nameless for daring to open his mouth about the importance of health insurance for children.

Usually, people come for the articles and videos and don't stay for the comments, but they'd have missed this, if they did. Thanks, Bonkers:
I’ll tell you one thing, I sometimes hope that these crazy fucks have it right; that there is only a one, true christian God, exactly as they describe him, etc etc. Because they are in for one big, bloody surprise when they go to meet their maker and while the rest of us heathen Muslims, Buddhists, druids, agnostics, Hindus, Great Flying Spaghetti Monster worshippers, etc are filing through the Pearly Gates and saying to each other, “Well, how about that! A beard and everthing, just like they said! Hey, dibsies on that cloud over there! Wheee!”, directly to our left God will be stomping their wretched asses one at a time, straight through the clouds and telling them, “You really didn’t get it, did you? had to do was be NICE. Good-bye.” STOMP!

Ahh, the idea just warms my heart…..

UPDATE: Oh! My! Effin'! God! They thought this was funny the way I think my little ditties and satires are funny. The difference? I know I don't suck this bad! (Drop me a line if this link drops out of sight. I'll gladly put a bullet in it).

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Karl Northman said...

Oh, lordy lordy. I just clicked, and then read that, and I didn't get your point. Then I read the URL, which I hadn't paid any attention to before.

Add a new one to the various types of government - psychopathocracy.