Wednesday, October 3, 2007


A public radio station has declined to broadcast one of the great modern poems, Howl, by Allen Ginsburg because of fears that prohibitive FCC fines against "obscenity" in the work may harm the station and/or the network.

Allen Ginsburg's baring of his soul was a clarion call of expression that informed art of all kinds in its time and for all time. Howl is everything that is great about America as an idea and Americans as a people.

Celebrate freedom of speech.



Jo said...

Damn! that makes me want to HOWL!!!

clicked on the link to article... seems they're concerned about $$$ - fines... those dang ReThugs... most are facing charges for molesting our children or stealing from our treasury - but they don't want a few 'obscene' (that have been ruled not obscene) words on the air waves...

some rabbit hole we've fallen into...

here's a tribute to Allen -

goodbye, buddha poet
allen ginsberg (1926-1997)

swallowing blue?
sigh - - - -
and ease the pain of living

let chorus pass between breaths
he drains the maudlin from our eyes

here, still, live and full
we sing the song of yesterday
sorrow in the passing

calmly awed in Allen's melody
we sigh again
song still, song mind, sweet song

amiable, earthly melody bequest
in sweet adieu, America
we still have much to say

--Andrea McClanahan

MacDaffy said...

That is a wonderful poem, Jo. I didn't expect it to affect me the way it has. Thanks for blurring my monitor.

feyabe said...

Daddy and Mama took me to hear Ginsberg's reading at City Lights Books so many moons ago. I don't remember but Mama say's it so. Obviously it's made an impact on my psyche...:-).

You know Amiri was/is truly one of the great beat poets; he kept me entertained a whole afternoon in 2002 telling me stories about Allen and the gang.

MacDaffy said...

Feyabe -- I envy you the afternoon. I hope Amiri didn't hold introducing him as a consummate sinner against me. I meant it as a compliment.

And I hope that he and you are doing well.