Sunday, September 23, 2007


Welcome to MacDaffy's House, my entry into the blogosphere.

What will we talk about? Politics, music, screenwriting, Apple, and any other subject that comes over the transom. I'm an active participant in Salon's Table Talk discussion (mostly in the White House threads).

A special aloha to Feyabe, who just lost her partner Howard to a bout with cancer. She sent a blog that carried pictures and comments from his memorial. It was quite touching and is--quite possibly--one impetus for my creating this place. I'm hoping that this blog can be a true community for the exchange of ideas, rants, information, empathy, sympathy, and action.

Condolences to Feyabe and all those who love Howard, aloha oe to Howard himself, and--again--welcome.


Emily said...

MacDaffy, your blog is a breath of fresh air. :^)

Nina Katarina said...

Yay, MacD has a blog! I like the color scheme, and the people seem warm and friendly.